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How can I list my company on CrowdlistIQ?

Listing is quick and easy – it’s on one page. The steps include:
1. Your email address
2. The category of your company.
3. A brief description of your company. (An easier way is to copy and paste your company information)
4. Provide your company’s website address, any social media links, and platform link.
(The platform link is the website address of the equity crowdfunding portal that your company is listed on)
5. Upload your company logo and video, if any.
Finished. That easy!

How can CrowdlistIQ help my company?

Whether you’re just getting started in equity crowdfunding or looking to reach your funding goal, there’s a home for your company on CrowdlistIQ. CrowdlistIQ is a website dedicated to listing equity crowdfund companies. CrowdlistIQ helps your company get discovered by potential investors. List your company and make sure this happens.

Can CrowdlistIQ be used for any type of company?

CrowdlistIQ can list companies in any industry that is an equity crowdfund business. You must provide a link to the equity crowdfund portal that your company uses.

What is CrowdlistIQ’s fee?

There is no fee. It’s free.

Do I have to provide a video?

A video is encouraged but not required. In replace of a video, your logo or business name will be shown.

Is CrowdlistIQ owned by any equity crowdfund companies or funding portals that list on the website?

CrowdlistIQ is an independent company. We understand the importance of being independent, and having honest and good practices. We are not owned or partly owned by any of the equity crowdfund companies or funding platforms.

I have more questions

We’re available for questions at contact@crowdlistiq.com

Important Disclosure: CrowdlistIQ.com is a website owned and operated by CrowdlistIQ, which is not a broker-dealer, funding portal or investment advisor; and neither the website nor CrowdlistIQ participate in the offer or sale of securities.