How Crowdlist IQ Works

  • Investing

CrowdlistIQ is the world’s first and leading listing of equity crowdfund companies. People can explore all of the equity crowdfund companies. Instead of searching on each founding portal, all of the companies are listed on one site. Also entrepreneurs can promote their company and get discovered by listing it on the website.

  • Listing

Equity crowdfunding is an alternative method of financing a business, which allows everyday investors, professionals, and venture capitalists to invest as little or as much as they like, typically through an online platform.


When you invest in a equity crowdfund company, you buy a percentage or share of the business.

Step one: sign up with CrowdlistIQ

Signing up with CrowdlistIQ is free, takes less than 60 seconds and carries no obligation to invest. Once you’ve joined, you’ll be able to view all the details for businesses seeking investment, including pitch videos, company descriptions and information.

Step two: find your inspirations

Search the listings of companies and find companies that you like. Review the company’s information. You can also ask for further information or interact directly with entrepreneurs by using their social media contact links. When you find a company you like, you can go to their funding portal. Simply click on the funding portal link and you’re there!


List your company in three steps:

1. Select the Category of your business.
2. Complete the Company Profile form.
3. Complete the Contact Information form.
4. Finished. That easy!
*Note: Once you’ve submitted a listing you cannot edit the listing unless contacting us at¬†Your listing will then be put in queue to be approved by CrowdlistIQ.


Why should I use CrowdlistIQ?
CrowdlistIQ benefits companies by providing them with an effective way to promote their business. Therefore, people don’t have to search through portals to find your business or they may not find it at all.

Is CrowdlistIQ compensated by the equity crowdfund companies or funding portals that list on the website?
At CrowdlistIQ we understand the importance of being independent and having honest and good practices in providing information. We do not receive any compensation from the equity crowdfund companies or funding portals that list on our website.

Can CrowdlistIQ be used for any type of business?
CrowdlistIQ can list businesses in any industry that is an equity crowdfund business. The business must have a portal link.

What is CrowdlistIQ’s fee?
There is no fee. It’s free.

Do I have to make a video?
A video is encouraged but not required. In replace of a video, your logo or business name will be shown.

I have more questions
We’re available for questions at