CrowdlistIQ is launching the first ever platform listing all of the equity crowdfund companies.

The platform aims to be the first website people go to when searching for equity crowdfunds. CrowdlistIQ helps people save time and hassle from searching the internet by being a one-stop source of all equity crowdfund companies. On CrowdlistIQ visitors will find an easy-to-use website providing everything about each listed company, including the company video, company summary, accomplishment history–and links to the company website, social media, and funding portal page. The website is updated weekly ensuring that visitors have access to the newest companies in equity crowdfunding.

“Our mission is to help people by providing all of the choices that are available for investing in equity crowdfunding. It was the difficulty of finding equity crowdfund companies that led to the founding of the site,” explains CrowdlistIQ CEO and Founder, Preston Banks. “The result is a site focused on delivering the best search experience and listing all of the equity crowdfunding companies. It’s exciting to see the wide variety of entrepreneurship and innovation–there’s so many choices.”

CrowdlistIQ also benefits businesses by helping them get discovered. The more exposure, the better for promoting a crowdfunding campaign. Businesses can list their company or verify their listing, if it’s already posted. Business users can customize all the key aspects of their listing, including the background, logo, photos, video, text, links, and many other elements.
Whether browsing or listing a company, it’s all free. Start smart by going to CrowdlistIQ.