How did one person’s problem become a solution for everyone?

CrowdlistIQ was founded by Preston Banks whose inspiration came when he had difficulty searching online for equity crowdfund companies. He came across various websites and had to search through each to discover and compare companies. It was time consuming and frustrating. So he created CrowdlistIQ, listing all of the equity crowdfund companies for people to easily explore and see what’s available.

But CrowdlistIQ isn’t just a search tool. CrowdlistIQ also benefits entrepreneurs.  Creating a crowdfunding campaign, the actual pressing the submit/publish-button isn’t going to magically result in funding to reach the funding goal.  Marketing is critical to the success of a crowdfunding campaign.  It takes getting the attention of potential investors, and having them know you need their help at the right time, in order to raise the money necessary.

CrowdlistIQ is the ultimate resource and tool for entrepreneurs looking to have real success with equity crowdfunding. We bring companies of all sizes and individual investors together in one place for the ultimate experience. It’s like the best networking party you’ve never had to go to!  CrowdlistIQ provides a way for companies to be discovered by potential investors. The best part – it’s free to list to your company on the site.

The CrowdlistIQ name comes from the purpose of the site to list crowdfunds and “IQ” which stands for intelligence. It was the perfect name for a site that strives to help others in equity crowdfunding to start smart by going to CrowdlistIQ.

Timing was everything.  CrowdlistIQ was devloped during the emergence of the new industry after Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act (Regulation CF) became effective. The Act opened equity crowdfunding for entrepreneurs to seek out everyday investors to raise capital and grow their companies via online crowdfunding portals.

In July 2017, CrowdlistIQ launched.  The idea that took root in an encountered problem is now available for people and entrepreneurs to list their company – saving time and hassle by being a one-stop source of all equity crowdfund companies.

Start smart!